How to Choose The Best Hookup Sites


By Samyr Ahmad

How to Choose The Best Hookup Sites

The Science Of Online Dating

In the past, people would often go to bars, restaurants, and other public places just to interact and meet new people. Nowadays, more prefer to do it online via chat rooms. Also, it is weird that it seems cheaper to interact with people in this manner where you can meet thousands with a single subscription.

One question that would be on people’s minds is if dating can be explained better with science. Helen Fisher, a professor of anthropology claims that people fall in love with partners having different chemical profiles. This includes serotonin, estrogen, dopamine, and testosterone profiles so that they can complement what we have.

A matching partner company claims to offer a lasting relationship basing their matching on genetic information. The company will only match you to a likely partner by understanding the differences in your immune system. When dating sites claim to have unique algorithms, we never imagine that it would be this intense.

The success of finding a hookup or date online starts with the username. Choose it wrong and you may not get a date. This is what first identifies you with potential mates. For men, they love reading cute names on women’s profiles. As for women, they would want the male username to indicate someone cultured or intelligent. It is worth noting that both sexes would love playful names.

Also, usernames that begin with letters at the bottom half of the alphabet do not get as much traction as the opposite. This is because humans have always associated things with value when they are at the top of a pile.

We cannot forget to mention photographs too. If the photos have users smiling or positioned in the center of a frame, it sends positive messages. It is just how the brain works. So, try to understand this science of online dating and make it work in your favor.

When seeking to join online dating sites, chances are you will find many options online. Some might be good while others not so good. That is why you need to find the right way of picking the right hookup site. We discuss more below.

What Makes a Good Hookup App?

  • Reputation: Reputation would also be important. Read through the different reviews about the hookup app to see if it will be as good as it claims.
  • Security: What kind of security are you getting with the app? It will be nice if your data safety is guaranteed. Some companies do voluntary background checks to improve the security of the users too.
  • Matching quality: The algorithm or method a hookup app uses to get you a match should also be good. When the matching quality is impressive, you are likely to get back for more.
  • Price: Of course, you would want the services to be within the affordable range. You do not always have to pay the highest amount, but definitely get value for money.
  • Profile verification: Depending on the company, some will verify the profiles manually. This helps build confidence that you are not dealing with fake accounts.
  • Ease of use: The platform that you pick to use should be easy to use. You do not have the whole day to figure out how to operate it. So, check out multiple platforms to find one that is easy to use.
  • Customer support: A good company will always have good customer support to help the clients get around the website. With good support, you can also get the right match or get help with technical issues.


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