‘I’m maybe not a person Stealer’: Faith Evans discloses That She at first Gave Stevie J the footwear After learning He Was However involved in Joseline Hernandez


By Samyr Ahmad

‘I’m maybe not a person Stealer’: Faith Evans discloses That She at first Gave Stevie J the footwear After learning He Was However involved in Joseline Hernandez

Religion Evans revealed during a fresh meeting that she broke factors off together now-husband Stevie J in early levels of their connection considering the unresolved baggage he’d together with his ex Joseline Hernandez. Evans and Stevie J seemed on OWN’s “Behind Every Man” series, plus in the April 1 preview clip the singer contributed personal facts about their own lives.

The R&B crooner pointed out the only reason behind the woman stepping away from Stevie J had been because he had beenn’t completely truthful about their commitment updates. Evans and the producer begun matchmaking in 2016, across exact same season the guy and Hernandez separated.

The “Love Like This” artist mentioned, “I becamen’t rather sure whether he had been however involved in his ex, so when your informed me all of you weren’t together, immediately after which shortly afterwards, determining you however types of were, I think that is probably while I moved away. Because I’m not one stealer, a homewrecker.”

She continued by advising Stevie J — who’s got an infamous playboy matchmaking history — during the time that when he wasn’t “serious” about their partnership that they should merely stays pals. “It got too much for my situation. This is the most important thing, if you’re certainly not severe, kindly don’t try this to the relationship.”

After the preview, followers slammed the artist for even start a connection with Stevie J, offered his previous reputation of are a cheater and all the crisis that unfolded around him during his opportunity on “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.”

“exactly why start anything with an individual who features a very effective profile as a cheater, manipulator, etc.? anticipating the individual to be various along with you was insanity.”

“She understands damn well he’s together with other women. wise visitors don’t marry males like him. ijs.”

“She performedn’t have enough time for their messiness, however she married your anyhow. Faith Evans realized exactly what she is entering before she hopped that broom with Stevie J. She can’t say that she performedn’t notice it coming, as the whole world knew what Stevie J was with the capacity of.”

One Instagram consumer went as far as to say Hernandez “won in the long run” because she shifted and fell so in love with their fiance Robin “DJ Balistic music” Ingouma since the lady break up with Stevie J in 2016. “we don’t worry just what no person states Joseline claimed in the end, she has a good, respectful guy (from what we can see) whom really loves and adores both the girl along with her child. Stevie J is actually and can always be trash in my opinion for how he addressed female, we don’t observe any actual woman might take him severely.”

Evans and Stevie J, who’ve been company for over twenty years, had gotten hitched in Las vegas, nevada in 2018. 2 years appropriate her nuptials, Evans was actually arrested on expense of assaulting this lady spouse following few experienced an unspecified conflict presumably that switched violent. The home-based violence circumstances was actually at some point fell 30 days after the so-called combat in Summer 2020. Since that time, the happy couple enjoys patched products right up.


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