The reason I joined BorrowMyDog my dog


By Samyr Ahmad

The reason I joined BorrowMyDog my dog

My problem here is the lack of customer support. I posted for help with my dog while I go through cancer care. My borrower took my dog to his home, unscheduled it should have been the local park, and kept the dog for two hours longer than agreed only giving me my dog back after I went in the car to fetch him from a train station. Can you imagine I was so worried. This borrower is ‘premium’ supposedly vetted and checked, he’s a fruit cake he took my dog to his flat for three hours instead of a walk around the block. I don’t need this Kidnap My Doggy it’s scary.

Waste of time and money

We were “Premium” members for 2 years, yet borrowed ZERO dogs! Messaged dozens of people with no response. What a waste of time!

Unsafe platform for young women

Unsafe platform for young women, men use it to harass you. People only want you to come in at lunch and feed their dogs, not “borrow” them for walkies or comfort like they suggest. Basically you’re paying to be an on call dog sitter and harassed at the same time.

Customer service completely ignore you. I’ve asked for a refund, removal from the platform and support, I’ve received nothing but a “hold on, it gets better” reply.

I’m only leaving this review as I fear it’s the only way customers services will take me seriously. Please help, I feel really frightened and unsupported.

The reason I joined BorrowMyDog my dog was because I lost my dog inJanuary last year decided I didn’t want another one. My daughter did joined said would be a good idea for me to do it.So I’m very happy with the dog I have, lovely Molly a 2 year old cockapoo. the moment I only have 1 but May have 1more.Regards Ana-Maria

We are happy to hear that you have found a furry friend using BorrowMyDoggy and we are sure that Molly is enjoying your company as well.

I am sure that you can find more dogs to borrow via our website, if you feel that this is something you wish to do. Please let us know if you ever need any assistance, as we are happy to help 🙂

Great service to Dog Owners – a very happy Puppy

I recently joined borrowmydoggy after a recommendation from a fellow dog walker. It seemed a wonderful idea particularly as no money changes hands and you can give a donation to charity. I fairly quickly was contacted by a local family who had two dogs and a young daughter; they were extremely keen as they loved dogs and whilst I was hesitant as my puppy is very lively; we met up for a dog walk and then went back to their home to test the water with the young girl and my puppy being in another dogs home.

Well the rest is now history as they are a wonderful family and Nuts is so happy there; and the little girl loves Nuts too. This has helped me enormously as I can now travel on business without worry and when I collect Nuts, it’s clear he’s happy but also still excited to see me ?? It’s interesting that Nuts has been so good with the little girl as he’s had little exposure other than a few on the local beach where he usually tries to steal their snacks, so this has been of benefit to Nuts in the longer term also. The surprise is that I’ve found a fabulous family that are becoming good friends rather than just a ‘borrower’ and this makes for a settled life for my adorable puppy. Feel free to check him out on Instagram Nuts1.0 and you’ll see his life so far – he’s 9 months old on Wednesday 2nd June ??


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