Their relationships have developed to the level in which he has attempted sexual serves several times


By Samyr Ahmad

Their relationships have developed to the level in which he has attempted sexual serves several times

Fairy Tail: Priestess of your own Phoenix [ ]

When Lucy, Eclair, and you may Momon was indeed assaulted of the Chase, Lucy shouted Natsu’s name because they ran aside. Natsu heard the woman and instantaneously hurried to save her or him.

Within the attack into the guildhall, Natsu try blasted right back which have injury. Currently, Lucy entitled his label into the worry.

As the visitors really stands alone within loss of Eclair, Lucy is weeping, overtaken by the sadness, and free albanian sex chat room you will requires Natsu in the event the secret is useful otherwise evil. Natsu shakes their lead, and you will Lucy claims you to she need secret that will end her tears while the Natsu catches their middle-slip. Natsu says to the lady one to in the long run, Eclair was cheerful, and you can says you to what you could well be great hence people will there be for her. Upcoming, the guy wraps his fingers as much as the woman and brings their into a great hug while she sobs.

Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry [ ]

Cluster Natsu was in fact from work whenever Natsu notices Happy being chased of the a dog. Natsu following frightens the dog aside by glaring in the it, leading to Lucy to help you strike him which have a paper. Lucy following notices that Pleased is scared of dogs and you may claims Plue try a puppy too. Natsu’s offering a-stare within Lucy, to your second nervously stating that he’s bringing as well intimate. Natsu expected precisely what does the guy appear to be so you can Lucy, who replied which he looks a comparable. When Wendy’s planning to say hey, she instantly checked aside believing the 2 are experiencing the next, resulting in Lucy to be flustered stating that Wendy’s which have a wrong idea.

She considers Kazuma a contradiction at times. She demonstrated him since the somebody lazy when wealthy, yet , hardworking when in necessity of finance, and you will kinky, yet , credible through the issues.

It see an almost dating, which have Megumin as being the really psychological one out of brand new cluster, that has been revealed when Kazuma don’t need to get back in the afterlife. She’s and the most protective within group when Kazuma is actually badmouthed because of the visitors.

Already, about light novel, Megumin provides admitted the woman thinking to Kazuma and you may they will have entered an effective relationships since “more family members however, below people.” As they attempted to ensure that it stays a key, they became proven to all of those other category shortly after Dark confessed so you’re able to Kazuma. Into the frequency fourteen, she available to bring Kazuma an excellent handjob, along with volume 16 shortly after kissing him these were likely to make love to help you “n’t have any regrets,” however in each other circumstances, these were disrupted ahead of they forgotten its virginities.

It go along good enough so you’re able to converse normally. She isn’t easily frustrated by Aqua’s dumb antics. Whenever Kazuma eliminated associated Megumin to throw Burst at the Beldia’s Castle, Aqua covertly went with their rather, indicating an effective bond between them.

Dark [ ]

It get on good enough to converse usually. She isn’t disgusted otherwise troubled because of the Darkness’ masochistic inclinations. It either clash, such whenever Darkness tries to contend with this lady for Kazuma’s passion (despite Megumin’s reference to him), but they are still with the amicable terminology

Yunyun [ ]

It share a sense of competition and check aggressive into the for every single most other. When you find yourself nevertheless in school, Megumin enjoyed intimidation Yunyun. In fact, Megumin truly cares on her behalf and privately concerns for other people bringing advantage of Yunyun’s naive characteristics.

Yuiyui [ ]

Yuiyui do what she thinks is actually “best” for her girl. Immediately following she realized you to Kazuma try rich; she attempted to do a posture where Megumin rests with Kazuma to force an engagement. To this end, she tresses Kazuma and you can Megumin in identical bed room for a few evening and also knocks out the lady partner and you may Dark towards the Sleep spell to prevent her or him out-of interfering.


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